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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Fall Mug Rug Swap

I signed up for the Fall Mug Rug Swap being run by Quilting Bloggers.  I was very lucky to get a wonderful swap partner, Zanna, who lives in Bahrain (but is South African). 

She told me that she has owl nesting boxes at her home in South Africa, so I had to use an owl theme for one of the mug rugs.  The other, I wanted to have a feel of an English autumn...so different from a desert island , where she lives.

 I drew out a simple picture of an owl on a branch and used it as a template for the picture.  I used monofilament to secure the fusible and then used gold, metallic thread to free motion quilt the veins in the leaves and for the stipple stitch.  I hadn't used monafilament or metallic thread in my machine before.

I used a trapunto technique under the oak leaves for this mug mat.  I used a gorgeous, had dyed silk thread for the leaf veins.  I wanted to personalise it, so used fusible again, to add Zanna's name and buttonhole stitch to secure the letters.  I added a fabric flower in autumn colours as a finishing touch.

I also included a coaster from the Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary of two of their residents.


I sent the mug rugs four weeks ago, International Signed For and they have finally arrived this morning.  I am so relieved!

Zanna sent me the two most beautiful mug rugs, four exquisite lace coasters and a beautiful Arabic perfume bottle.  I absolutely love them.  The workmanship is exquisite!  I will think of Zanna and Bahrain whenever I use them!


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