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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Favourite Blocks

Last week was a good one for finishes.  I made up my two hand quilted silk blocks into cushion covers.  I added piping around the edges to give a nicer finish.  I also finished free motion quilting my sister's quilt and my oriental quilt.

I don't consider myself a great piecer, so have veered more towards applique just recently, but there are some blocks that have been calling to me lately.  I particularly like the look of hour glass, broken dishes and spools blocks.

I have lots of scraps from a jelly roll and other projects, so thought I would make them up into 9 inch double hourglass blocks.  These are much easier than I thought and like them a lot.  I've decided that I want these blocks to be in citrus colours.  I seem to have had a lot of green fabric left over, so more orange and yellow blocks are needed to break them up.  I have some much brighter yellow, green and orange fabrics to add some extra interest and value to these when I get the time.  I'm not sure what I'll do with these yet, but I just like the the look.

I have also just started making some spool blocks.  I am using a Moda Honeysweet jelly roll for these with a plain cream background.  I have started with making some of the delicate peach fabrics, but there are stronger shades of red and brown to come.

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