I've now been quilting for three and a half years. This blog is my personal quilting diary, that charts my progress (and occasional regression) from the start. I use it so I can look back at my past projects...and hopefully see my skills improve!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Spring in My Step

After a stressful week I find I have actually made quite a lot of progress?!

I am needleturning the circles for the border of my Di Ford Mystery Quilt.  I LOVE Perfect Circles and spray starch.  I think I have tried just about every method possible for creating these, but Perfect Circles and spray starch works best for me. Once they are sewn on to the backing fabric, the fabric will be cut into little squares and sewn to little triangles for the border.

I am preparing the appliques for the 4th block of the Wedding Sampler quilt.  I have about a week to complete this block if I want to stay on my 'one block a month' schedule .

I made a reversible pinafore dress for my new granddaughter.  It will be a while until she grows into it.  I love the soft, sunny yellows.

I started and finished a quilt top this week.   I have very little idea of how to FMQ the central panel.  I NEED inspiration!
I fell in love with the wisteria in the central panel.

The photo of the wisteria above was taken in my garden last year.  The plants growing over the trellis were all cut back this winter and the trellis and bench replaced. I think you'll agree, the bench had seen better days!

I love my garden at this time of year.  I took my camera outside and took a couple of quick snaps this morning.

I'm off to my patchwork group meeting in Hawkinge this morning.  I hope to finish needleturning those circles!


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    1. Thank you Cindy! I'm off for two weeks on a cruise in less than two weeks, so trying to get as much done as possible before I go. I might have to hide some handwork in my luggage!